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Canadian Made Hand Sanitizer

Our hand sanitizer is made with gentle ingredients that are safe for everyday use.

We have a variety of sizes available. Personal use sizes as well as bulk amounts for refills and sanitizer dispenser.

Contact us directly for bulk pricing.


‣ Cold for +3.5 hours
‣ Hot for +1.5 hours
‣ Fits any size cup, bottle or can
‣ Reusable Styrofoam Alternitive


Our amazing TUDI Wraps comes with a reinforsed velcro strip to let you adjust our wrap any size drink, and if one TUDI is not big enough, you can always add anouther one using the velcro


‣ Weddings
‣ Sports Events
‣ Golf Terniments
‣ Fundrasing Events
‣ Corperate Functions
‣ Tailgate Parties